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Bacteriophage Companies: There are about 11 US and international biotechnology companies identified currently by Viridax as working in the field of bacteriophage technology and products, plus a number of academic investigators. These firms and investigators are working primarily to develop bacteriophage for use in the food processing industry and for the treatment of animal diseases, with a few working to develop antiseptic and disinfectant products. A couple of firms are identified as developing and using bacteriophage as biotechnology tools and as platform technologies. The firms Intralytix and Novolytics are developing bacteriophage for use as therapeutic agents against MRSA, and may be considered as competitive with Viridax.

Biochimpharm – Eliava Institute, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia ( Biochimpharm was formed within the Eliava Institute as a business operation and is licensed to produce bacteriophage for the treatment of dysentery and other infections.

Biocontrol Limited and Biocontrol International Inc. – Nottingham, England and Richmond VA ( Biocontrol’s lead bacteriophage-based product seeks to control Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections in cystic fibrosis patients and antibiotic-resistant ear infections.

Biophage Inc. – Montreal, Canada ( Biophage exploits new platform technologies in the health industry, with focus on cancer, infectious diseases, inflammation and immune modulation.

Biopharm Pharmaceuticals – Tbilisi, Georgia ( Biopharm acquired the phage production plant of the Eliava Institute. They make vitamins, various biomedical reagents, probiotics, and about 20 liters a month of phage products for local use.

GangaGen Biotechnologies Ltd., Bangalore, India; GangaGen, Inc., Palo Alto, CA, GangaGen Life Sciences Inc., Ottawa, Canada ( GangaGen emphasizes the diagnosis and treatment of nosocomial infections, secondary infections and topical infections.

Immunopreparat Research Productive Association – Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russian Federation. Immunopreparat is a pharmaceutical company in Ufa, Russia. The Company’s subsidiary, Biophag, currently manufactures two complex phage preparations targeting various bacterial pathogens.

Intralytix, Inc. – Baltimore, MD ( Intralytics is a biotechnology company focused on the production and marketing of products using bacteriophage to control bacterial pathogens in environmental, food processing and medical settings. They are also developing a product that relies on a complex combination of bacteriophage targeted for the treatment of wound infections that include Staphylococcus aureus and other bacterial pathogens.

Novolytics Limited – Warwick, Coventry, UK ( Novolytics was formed in 2002 out of the University of Warwick, Coventry, UK, to exploit the use of bacteriophages to combat bacterial infections, initially antibiotic-resistant Staph infections.

Phage Biotech, Ltd. – Tel Aviv, Israel ( Phage Biotech focuses on the development, production and application of lytic bacteriophage technology toward an array of clinical, veterinary, agricultural, industrial and ecologic applications.

Phage International, Inc. – Los Altos, CA ( Phage International was formed in July of 2004. Their goal is to become a primary marketer of bacteriophage therapies in the western world. They collaborate with the Eliava Institute, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia.

Special Phage Services Pty Ltd. – Brookvale, NSW, Australia ( Special Phage Services was established to develop bacteriophage as alternatives to antibiotics. The Company has a license with a Georgian-based company for phage technology and strains.

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