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  • [Who]

    1 juillet 2019 par

    Our thanks to Luc Debard Plastic artist On FaceBook On WixSite Gloria is a character for representing the millions of people who suffer from a superbug and may die, be amputated or invalidated if phage therapy is not used quickly. Academic articles : August 2019 : The weak link for phage therapy adoption : government… Lire la suite

  • [When]

    2 juillet 2019 par

    Picture : Félix d’Hérelle Prehistory of phage therapy See original paradigm History of phage therapy See WikiPedia Return of the phage therapy practice Cases of Tom Patterson, Isabelle Holdaway, Mallory Smith. Francophone cases

  • [What]

    2 juillet 2019 par

    The big stuff is a superbug. The small stuffs on the « skin » of the superbug are phages. Phages kill the superbug who may kill the patient. Source : WikiMédia Mohammadali Khan Mirzaei & col

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