Antibiotics : a bacteria’s job

At school and even in the university you have learnt that Mister X or Mister Y is the inventor of antibiotics.
On line documents confirm that hoax !!!

126 k documents with  » invention of antibiotics « !!!

Bacterias invented antibiotics

In fact, many antibiotics are initially  » invented  » by bacterias :
Tyrothricin, streptomycin, anisomycin, bacitracin, geldamycin, hygromycin B, ionomycin, kanamycin, kasugamycin, mytomycin C, nisin, oligomycin, natamycin, spiramycin, surfactin, tunicamycin, vancomycin and many others.

This matter is very important !

The scenario of phage therapy is said to compete with the scenario of antibiotics as synthetic molecules.

The reality is that it is a competition between a scenario with natural molecules and and a scenario with beneficial viruses !!!


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