Francophone cases

Cases in Francophone medias.

X Bone infection ? Pherecides standard
Christophe Leg Staphyl.Perso. Georgia
ClaudeKnee, heart ?Swiss phages ?
Caroline B1Strepto Staphyl. Perso. Georgia
FrédéricKneeStaphyl. Riche + Ukraine (1)
Serge LegStaphyl.Georgia (2)
René Knee Staphyl. Pherecides standard
Hervé Lung ? Georgie > France
WaelLiver Pseudomonas Military hosp.
Y Bone infection ? Pherecides standard

(1) Paul-Hervé Riche was trained by André Raiga-Clémenceau, the only physician trained by Félix d’Hérelle.
(2) With 30 euros of phages bought in a pharmacy and self-applied