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Part of « east » countries are … in the very center of Europe.


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Cholera had always been an inevitable companion of armies at war. For instance, during the Sevastopol campaign of 1854–1855, the Anglo–French troops lost 73,000 men in military operations and 18,000 due to cholera !
In 1942, in Stalingrad, Zinaida Ermolieva, the woman in charge of producing phages was ready for the challenge : saving both Red Army and civil population from cholera and other bacterias. Science First Hand 
Three plants in Ufa since 1939, in Gorky since 1941 and in Perm since 1995.
The consumption of phages preparations in Russia is more than 1 billion packs per year.


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Eastbound countries in general

A typical comment about eastbound phage therapies seen on line – not only by US citizens :
“{This guy Steve who went to Tbilissi to save his knee & life }  had to leave the richest country in the world for treatment ..
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America’s always the number one !
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